Getting to Know Us

Leading the Agricultural & Environmental industries with sustainable solutions.

Bioscience offers a comprehensive range of environmental, geotechnical, and hydrological services. We pride ourselves on providing environmentally sound solutions to your business, whether it is property development in Perth or farming in the Wheat Belt.

Our philosophy is to use a multidisciplinary approach to develop comprehensive management services that are both cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

Years of experience have taught us that profitability and sustainability are not mutually exclusive – rather they go hand-in-hand.

Bioscience has a strong research background, driven by the need to develop innovative products and services.

Since 1992

With over 25 years in business, and a team of hand-picked experts, you are in the most capable hands.

The company’s origins were in providing specialist analytical and technical services and advice to the Horticulture and Agriculture industries. We have undertaken research and development in crop nutrition, pest and disease control, composting and soil microbial ecology.

Our continued research and team have enabled us to become the leading horticultural consultancy in the state.

Why Choose Us

25+ Years of Experience

We have built an intimate understanding of Western Australia’s diverse environments.

Fully Equipped Laboratory

Our modern lab is equipped to provide cutting edge analysis of your environmental samples.

Expert Staff

The staff at Bioscience are passionate about the environment and highly educated.

Our Experts

Peter Keating

Peter Keating

Managing Director

Peter Keating has over 35 years practical experience in commercial science, starting and managing agricultural biotechnology and environmental businesses, working in a range of disciplines, from biochemistry and molecular biology, soil science, water science, plant nutrition and plant pathology.

He started his first business before completing his Ph.D. in Biochemistry at UWA, and has attracted talented and qualified scientists and engineers to work with him on challenging, multi-disciplinary research and services ever since. He has supervised post-graduate student research throughout his career.

With extensive knowledge and experience of Western Australia’s flora and fauna, waterbodies and aquifers, soils and geology, as well as the regulatory framework, Peter is widely recognised as the state’s leading consultant across the environmental, horticulture and agriculture space.

Simon Main

Simon Main

Research Assistant

Simon holds a Bachelor of Science in Botany and Genetics from the University of Western Australia. He completed his honours in Botany isolating RNA signalling molecules in plants. Simon has over 12 years of experience in commercial laboratories including mineral analysis, soil testing and asbestos monitoring. His scope of work includes (but is not
limited to) field sampling, sample analysis, result interpretation and consultation, client liaison, method development, quality assurance, R&D, health & safety.

Henry Forsyth

Henry Forsyth

Molecular Biologist

Henry holds a Masters of Biotechnology, specialising in biochemistry and molecular biology, from the University of Western Australia. Throughout his research for his master’s thesis; and experience prior to starting at Bioscience; Henry developed expertise in analytical soil laboratories and plant elemental composition analysis. At Bioscience, Henry runs the DNA laboratory, primarily operating in plant pathology and soil microbial analyses, while also applying his experience to the analytical laboratory.

Gwenivere Nsair

Gwenivere Nsair


Gwen holds a Diploma of Horticulture from South Metropolitan TAFE in Murdoch. She has over 5 years of experience in the garden and nursery industry providing advice to gardeners, landscapers, and growers. She brings her horticultural knowledge and hands on experience to Bioscience and assists in the analyse of soil, plant, and water samples in the laboratory.

Thanujika Wickramaachchi

Thanujika Wickramaachchi

Laboratory/Horticulture Scientist

Thanujika Wickramaachchi holds a Master of Science in Horticulture from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and currently doing a Master of Biotechnology, specialising in Environmental and agricultural biotechnology from the University of Western Australia. She has gained experience in Plant tissue culture from her master’s thesis and developed her own Plant tissue culture laboratory at Sri Lanka. At Biosciences, Thanujika brings her plant tissue culture experience and knowledge to develop a tissue culture project, while also applying her experience to the analytical laboratory