Integrating Resource Management

The company to turn to for sound, practical and professional advice

Integrating Resource Management

The company to turn to for sound, practical and professional advice
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Integrating Resource Management

The company to turn to for sound, practical and professional advice
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25+ years of making changes


Bioscience continues to offer innovative solutions to help Australian farmers succeed in our harsh climate and environment.


Our experienced staff assist growers with everything from correcting nutrient deficiencies to identifying diseases.


Providing specialist reporting and customised solutions for all of your environmental and water management needs.


We undertake a vast array of environmental testing for both personal gardens and for large scale regulatory compliance.


Bioscience  undertakes innovative research and development projects in collaboration with our clients and government agencies.


Complement our expert advice with our diverse range of unique fertilisers, soil treatments and custom nutrient mixes.

Soil is our specialty.

Soil is our specialty.

Understanding and maintaining soil health is crucial to the success of Australia’s agricultural and horticultural industries. With a focus on sustainable practices and increased productivity, our staff and laboratory can develop a plan to suit your needs.

Bioscience takes a unique and proven approach to understanding soil. Whether the project relates to agriculture, horticulture, urban development or environmental management, we consider the geotechnical, chemical and biological properties of soils to develop a complete picture.

Our laboratory in Forrestdale is equipped to undertake the full range of analyses. We have invested in leading edge technologies to focus research on the link between soil microbiology, soil carbon and plant productivity, but we retain traditional methods soil nutritional profiling, geotechnical testing and microbiology.

As leaders in soil carbon accounting, we have over ten years experience in Kyoto compliant testing methodologies.

We are the first commercial lab to offer Soil DNA Profiling, and we are the only private group in Australia to have invested in “next generation” DNA sequencing to further our research in the complex microbial ecology of soil.

Consulting. Reporting. Analytics.

Consulting. Reporting. Analytics.


Effective products and unique, science-based solutions are what make us well-known in the agriculture industry.


With our specialist staff, Bioscience is a recognised industry leader in environmental consulting and reporting.


Unrivalled experience at all stages of the development process make Bioscience the perfect partner for all new projects.


Soils are a diverse ecosystem and home to many fungi and bacteria. A healthy balance is essential for plant and crop health.


With many years of experience we assist in monitoring, management and the protection of water resources.


Coming up with economic and science-driven solutions for cultivation and propagation of plants is our passion.


Our experts take care of soil, water, leaf tissue, plant pathology and microbiological testing for you.


Our innovative R&D programs and Australia-wide trials have allowed us to develop effective solutions for all industries.

Innovative Products For You.

Innovative Products For You.


Improve the qualities of your soil and help plants and crops absorb the required nutrients, with Bioscience’s range of soil conditioners.


Developed to suit a variety of Australian soil types, our fertilisers contain the necessary nutrients for healthy plants and soil.

The soil conditioner for a healthier soil and happier plants

We have tried many products over the years for tree health through soil improvement and now use BIOPRIME products as our go to source.

It’s simple – they have been developed by people who know soil biology, have technical support by the manufacturer that is second to none, and they work.

As an arboricultural consultant, I have trialled and seen the results of BIOPRIME products. I would recommend them to anyone involved in tree care.

Steve Kneebone

Director, Classic Tree Services

Custom Solutions.

Custom Solutions.

Custom Solutions.

Custom Solutions.

Custom Solutions.

Custom Solutions.

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