A soil conditioner that works by changing soil microbiology resulting in stronger plants and better root growth. Made via natural fermentation, non-toxic and biodegradable.

How do the Bioprime products work?

A unique soil priming agent that works by changing microbiology!

Bioprime contains a wide range of carbon compounds including diverse signalling molecules. Some of these suppress harmful bacteria while other stimulate growth of plant-beneficial microbial groups. Bioprime also contains organic acids and phenols that are similar to those excreted by plant roots to attract beneficial microbes. Other components are precursors to plant steroids.
When applied to soil, Bioprime changes microbial communities and:

  • Improves soil health for a more productive system and increased crop yields
  • Increases the abundance of disease-suppressing microorganisms
  • Helps native plant establishment in rehabilitation projects

Field Trials

Extensively Trialed for your benefits!

Bioprime field trials have been conducted for a number of years at different locations. The graph below shows increases in wheat yields after applying Bioprime at different locations across Western Australia. The average grain yield increase of all sites and years is 8.1% (represented by the grey dotted line). The variance in the data can be explained by the differences in soil fertility before the trial meaning that we see bigger improvements with Bioprime on less fertile soils.

Wheat Yield Chart

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