A liquid potassium phosphate fertiliser for soil and foliar applications.

An extensively trialed product!

A game changer to current farmer's practice! Cheaper and better!

DKP has been successfully used as a foliar fertiliser for decades in the horticulture industries.
Bioscience is now bringing the trialled and tested version into the broad-acre domain. With funding from COGGO for a 2 year trial program, we have shown that liquid phosphate fertiliser increases plant emergence and increases yield compared to granular fertilisers. Also, it gives farmers the option to split their P fertilisation program into start-up and follow-up application which reduces business risks should the season not go as planned. Foliar applications can deliver more P during the growing season when needed (e.g. determined by leaf tissue analysis). With 95% of applied P being taken up the leaves and translocated to other parts of the plant, DKP drastically increases P use efficiency. Foliar application avoids binding o P to the soil so you get more fertiliser for your money.

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