Microbiology and eDNA

Uncover the hidden world of microorganisms and the power of environmental DNA analysis (eDNA) with Bioscience.


Microbiological investigations & eDNA

We offer microbiological services to help you understand what role microorganisms play in your production system. Whether you want to investigate your soil or plant-associated microbiomes or identify plant pathogens (e.g. Phytophthora dieback), we tailor our services to your needs. Our experienced staff are trained in first, second, and third generation high-throughput sequencing and subsequent bioinformatic analysis.

eDNA is emerging as a quick and reliable tool to monitor species in an environment without the need of prior expert knowledge in taxonomy. This technology is used to catalogue organisms and to detect invasive species. In addition, we offer molecular biological assays that identify native flora, and match roots to the trees causing damage to driveways or water pipes.

Microbiology Expertise

Healthy soils = healthy plants!