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Agriculture is one of Australia’s most important industries, despite the difficulties faced in our tough, uncompromising environment. Innovation and efficiency have been critical to Australian agricultural productivity and competitiveness, and Bioscience has been helping farmers and growers succeed for over 25 years by offering:

  • Technical and agronomic advice
  • Analytical services for soil, plant, and water testing
  • Soil health testing and plant pathological services
  • A range of fertilisers and soil amendments

At Bioscience, our strength is understanding soil from every perspective:

  • Physical properties (e.g. particle size, water repellence and water retention)
  • Chemical properties including soil pH, EC and nutrient status which are vital for plant growth, and
  • How soil microorganisms interact with plants.

With our practical experience and research into crop nutrition, soil stability and soil microbial ecology we have developed world leading products and technologies to help farmers improve the health of their soils that underpin sustainable and profitable plant production.

Agricultural Expertise

Helping farmers achieve healthier soils that promote sustainable, profitable plant production