A large part of Bioscience’s business is undertaking research towards the objective of developing more efficient and sustainable agricultural practice. This has been central to our business for over 25 years.

Bioscience undertakes research for its own projects, and for its clients.

Bioscience is an AusIndustry registered Research Service Provider (#89461) under Section 29A of the Industry Research and Development Act 1986. This means we can help our clients to obtain generous tax concessions to offset the risks inherent in undertaking R&D.

The company has developed a range of products and technologies from its commitment to R&D, and holds many patents in a range of plant industries. These include the Bioprime range of products, the DNA-based analytical methods for soil microbial ecology, microalgal production systems and advances in irrigation and fertigation practice.

Bioscience research clients tend to rise to become industry leaders.

Zaldeesh Pty Ltd

Zaldeesh are one of the largest greenhouse growers in WA, producing premium quality capsicums on a year-round basis. They have more recently expanded to develop premium pomegranate orchards using unique trellis training systems. Zaldessh are partners with Bioscience in patented Biocarb production technology.

Baldivis Farms

Baldavis Farms are a long-established and respected producer of field vegetables, and more recently of greenhouse hydroponic lettuce and herbs. Their research work with Bioscience focusses on production technology which minimises the use of chemical inputs into production of export quality fresh produce.


Berrysweet produce quality strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries on a year-round basis from their three sites in Western Australia. They have grown to be the largest Australian berry producer, renowned for producing the sweetest berries money can buy. Their research work with Bioscience focusses on improving production methods, to move towards being chemical-free and to stay industry leaders.

Adelong Farms Pty Ltd

Located at Ravensthorpe in the state’s south, Adelong Farms is a family business producing cereals and sheep. As their business grows and prospers, they work with Bioscience to develop maximum yields while improving soil health my maximising the retention of soil organic carbon.

Carbon Ag Solutions

Carbon Ag Solutions is working with Bioscience to further develop and test their products which provide large scale farmers with sustainable, profitable production systems. Their approach is to create practical, affordable products which maximize soil health and increase productivity.

Let us assist your R&D projects with sound advice and management. 

Bioscience Soil DNA Research

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