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Integrating Resource Management

Bioscience was founded in 1992, and brings together professionals able to offer a range of services in agricultural, horticultural, enviornmental, hydrological, and analytical sciences. We pride ourselves in getting to know the issues and problems that are important to our customer base and then communicating effective solutions.

Bioscience's genesis was in providing specialist analytical and technical services and advice to the Horticulture and Agriculture industries. We have undertaken research and development in crop nutrition, pest and disease control, composting and soil microbial ecology, and have progressively become the leading horticultural consultancy in the state. Our role in developing environmentally sensitive and sustainable production for our clients has also enabled us to build a strong foundation in environmental resource management.

Bioscience now offers a range of environmental, geotechnical, and hydrological services to facilitate the maintenance of the natural environment and assist in sustainable development. Our philosophy is to use an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to develop comprehensive management services that are both profitable and environmentally sustainable.

The company has a strong research background and is driven by the need to develop and adapt products and services which provide rapid, accurate, cost-effective, and often innovative solutions.