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Integrating Resource Management

Product range - Hydrology

Reverse Osmosis users can have pre-treatment chemicals, anti-scalants and membrane cleaners specifically formulated against the analytical results of their feed water:


  • Removal of Iron
  • Flocculation of clay
  • Oxidation and removal of organics.


  • Water Softeners
  • Organic Acids
  • Phosphonic acid complexes

Membrane Cleaners

  • Acidic mild
  • Acidic aggressive
  • Neutral mild
  • Neutral aggressive
  • Alkaline mild
  • Alkaline aggressive

Bore Anti-Fouling Bacteria causing biofilm formation and screen blockage can be identified to type by Bioscience DNA technology. Appropriate custom made biocides, disinfectants or quorum quenchers can then be formulated for low toxicity, cost effective remediation.

A formulation of organic acids and chelating agents is formulated for rapid dissolution of iron fouling of pumps, pipes and irrigation equipment, and removal of iron stains from hard surfaces.