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Integrating Resource Management



Bioscience has been a leading provider of technical services to hydroponic growers for over 15 years, and has amassed extensive experience in all types of systems from open benches through to greenhouse systems, using simple bag culture through to complete recirculation units. Our crop experience includes tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, herbs, capsicums, strawberries, flowers and other exotic crops.

Modern hydroponic systems are high yielding, producing top quality, clean, and in many cases, chemically free vegetables. It is an energy and water efficient industry which is environmentally friendly. Our clients operate throughout the state, included in environmentally sensitive areas and Groundwater Protection Zones.

The company provides a range of technical services from system design, nutrition management, pest and disease management, staff training and water quality.

We manufacture specialist products for the hydroponics industry including:

  • Calibration solutions for pH and EC meters.

  • pH adjustment up and down.

  • Fermentation based products which stimulate root microflora.

  • Nutrient packs and formulations suited to specific crops, growth conditions and grower aspirations.