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Integrating Resource Management

Peter Keating B.Sc.(Hons) Ph.D. - Managing Director

Peter has over 25 years practical experience as a commercial scientist in a vast spread of biological, chemical and engineering applications, as well as maintaining a career as research scientist and inventor. He has extensive knowledge of Western Australia’s flora, fauna, waterbodies, aquifers and geology as well as the state and federal regulatory framework.

Genette Keating B.Sc.(Hons) - Director and Senior Botanist

Genette graduated from UWA in horticultural science, specialising in native flora. She has a passion for the state’s bushland and is experienced in the identification and taxonomy of the many species present. She is the financial controller of the company, and also takes a keen interest in community groups and in consumer issues and as president of the Consumers Association of WA, she sits on a number of government and commercial bodies.

Kylie Macpherson B.Sc. - Analytical Scientist/Laboratory Manager

Kylie holds a Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology from Murdoch University, with dual minors in Ecosystems Management and Animal Biology. Kylie is involved in groundwater monitoring of wetlands, flora surveys, and acid sulphate soils testing. She manages the routine analysis of water, soil and leaf tissue samples for chemical, microbial and pathology purposes.

Genevieve Massam B.Sc. (Hons) - Horticultural Scientist

Genevieve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Management, with first class honours, from the University of Western Australia. She is involved in research for horticultural growers, as well as soil, water and leaf tissue sampling and analysis.

Nadine Benker B.Eng - Environmental Engineer

Nadine has a degree in environmental engineering from Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University in her native Bavaria, and she completed her research thesis at Bioscience studying the impact of Bioprime on wheat. She has now taken a full time position with Bioscience where as well as research work, she is our quality manager.

Didier Alanoix B.Sc. M.Sc. - Environmental Scientist

Didier holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Biochemistry from University of Reunion Island and a Master in Natural Resources Management from Edith Cowan University. Didier is involved in soil and groundwater investigations and reporting for urban and industrial development applications.

Olivia Cranney B.Sc. M.Sc. - Horticultural Scientist

Olivia’s interests in horticulture started on her parents fruit and nut nursery in New Zealand. She studied for a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Geology, then a Masters in Environmental Science, from the University of Canterbury, NZ. She spends time in the laboratory and the field doing research for horticultural growers, as well as collecting and analysing routine water, soil, and leaf tissue samples.