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Integrating Resource Management

Environmental Sciences

A major challenge facing Australia is the way we manage out natural resources.  Natural Resource Management generally considers our climate, soil, water and biodiversity assets, and typically involves striking a balance between conservation and environmental considerations and improved production and development, all within an acceptable social context. 

To assist planning and development, Bioscience offers a complete Environmental Consultancy service, from Impact Assessments, Flora and Fauna Surveys, Wetland Investigations, Contaminated Sites (including Acid Sulfate Soils) and Bioremediation to help provide an interface between the needs of commercial or urban development and the necessity to conserve fragile native ecosystems. 

Bioscience takes a holistic approach to resource management; with an ethos of maintain a strong focus on producing accurate and relevant data via sound scientific research whilst developing better industry practices.  We pride ourselves in getting to know the issues and problems important to our clients and applying our expertise to provide professional advice in solving complex environmental challenges and communicating effective solutions.