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Integrating Resource Management


Understanding and maintaining the health of soils can provide the agricultural and horticultural industries with a foundation for sustainable practices and increased productivity.  Soils also have a significant impact on proposed land developments as they determine drainage potential, road and foundation requirements and structural stability.

Bioscience takes a uniquely holistic approach to understanding soil. Whether the project is agriculture, horticulture, urban development or environmental management, we consider the geotechnical, chemical and biological properties of soils to build an integrated picture. 

Our laboratories in Forrestdale are equipped to undertake the full range of analyses. We have invested in leading edge technologies to focus research on the link between soil microbiology, soil carbon and plant productivity, but we retain traditional methods soil nutritional profiling, geotechnical testing and microbiology.

As leaders in soil carbon accounting, we have over ten years experience in Kyoto compliant testing methodologies. We are the first commercial lab to offer soil DNA profiling, and we are the only private group in Australia to have invested in “next generation” DNA sequencing to further our research in the complex microbial ecology of soil.